Breeding Magical Maine Coons with Love... Naturally!
KRYSTALSTAR Coons is a GCCF registered holistic cattery. 

Welcome to Krystalstar Coons!

My name is Adela Mei and I live in Somerset, UK.

Cats have been part of my life since I was born. Starting with a siamese.. then a healthy flow of moggies.. until 2011 when my first maine coon Star came into my life, and I have never looked back.

This breed has an astounding look and great personality!  Maine coons are super evolved, playful, magical and intelligent.

My cats bring me such a huge amount of joy and healing that in 2015 I made the decision to breed and set up my own maine coon cattery Krystalstar Coons.

My first Queen Magic (Ringtail Angelina Ballerina) came to join me in September 2015, and her first litter of 3 silver tabby mackerel kittens were born August 2016.

My aim is to breed healthy, loving, and magical maine coons that remain true to type.

Holistic Cattery

Krystalstar Coons is a holistic cattery, breeding GCCF registered pedigree maine coons.

Our kittens are intended as pets for loving homes to cat guardians who also believe in natural rearing, raw feeding, and holistic cat care.

* We are sorry, our kittens are not destined for showing or breeding.

Raw Feeding

Krystalstar kittens have been reared as naturally as possible. Kittens have been reared on a mainly raw food diet feeding human quality chicken, beef, lamb, turkey & rabbit, along with cooked chicken, chicken broth, and cooked white fish for variety.

* Please only contact us for kittens if you intend to continue with a raw feeding programme.

Kittens are ready for their new homes at 13-16 weeks. They have been vet checked, wormed, and inoculated for feline flu and enteritis.

They leave with a generous kitten pack along with their Pedigree, Health Record, and 5 weeks insurance. The GCCF Registration Certificate is sent upon proof of neutering.

Kittens are sold as PET ONLY with a Kitten Agreement, and are to be neutered/spayed before 1 year old.

Kitty Family

Over everything else, my cats are my family. Their health and happiness comes before anything else.

They live in the house and also large outdoor runs where they can connect with nature, feel the wind on their face, and get their paws on the earth!

The best of both worlds, they can be safe inside, and out!

Meet the Rest of the Kitty Tribe



Angel (Ringtail Jacy) is my classic tabby & white neuter girl, born in 2013 she is also still growing… bigger and wilder!!! Out roaming all day, and sleeping in with me at night, she really has the best of both worlds here! She is super vocal and I can recognise her repertoire of calls now!

Over the Rainbow Bridge


Star was my first maine coon, a black smoke girl from Lynxelot aka ‘Flower of Midnight’. She was born in 2011 and flew over the rainbow bridge in 2019. She was one of those soul cats and will always have a special place in my heart.


Lyra (Kelferron Ladybug) was a gorgeous silver tabby, with a gentle and quirky temperament. She loved cuddles, and also a good chomp on a chicken wing! This lovely girl joined my cattery as a breeding Queen but soon worked her way into my home as a pet and became a very dear friend and companion to me while she was still doing her earth walk.

What is a Holistic Cattery?

Krystalstar Coons is a holistic cattery. Our maine coons are raised following the principles of natural rearing, raw feeding, and holistic cat care.


Natural rearing is a holistic approach to life. It involves using natural ways and caring for your animals as closely to nature as possible. We avoid the use of toxic substances on our cats, such as flea and tick chemicals, routine worming, and over-vaccinating.


Raw feeding is the practice of feeding a diet primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones, and organs. Raw feeding mirrors a more natural diet and all our cats thrive on it.  We feed locally sourced chicken, beef, lamb & rabbit. This is a kibble-free cattery.


Holistic cat health care considers the whole being: the environment, social & spiritual factors, personality & emotions, not just the symptomatic parts. We adopt alternative approaches such as homeopathy & healing, alongside conventional veterinary care.